Le brevet unitaire européen

Vendredi 6 Juillet 2012

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'ensemble des prises de position et communications de l'ASPI dans le cadre du brevet unitaire européen.

Le brevet unitaire européen

Note de l'ASPI :

Analyse et commentaire du projet de règlement (dans sa version du 11 juin 2003).

2003_06_11_note_aspi_brevet_communautaire.pdf 2003_06_11_Note ASPI Brevet Communautaire.pdf  (361.01 Ko)

Résolution de la FEMIPI :

FEMIPI, the European Federation of Agents of Industry in Industrial Property, representing 11 national associations totalling more than 3000 patent professionals working in the European industry urges the Council of the European Union in order to achieve the set objectives :
  • to foresee for each chamber of the future CPC at least one judge having a technical background, rather than to rely on technical experts not participating in the decision;
  • to secure the legally binding effect of the claims as granted in the language of the proceedings by specifying that the translations serve documentary and informational purposes only;
  • to emphasize the central role of the European Patent Office for the grant of Community rights by attributing examination exclusively to the EPO;
  • to safeguard the choice of the applicant between national, European and Community rights by introducing the necessary unambiguous provisions.

2003_09_01_femipi.pdf 2003_09_01_FEMIPI.pdf  (36.77 Ko)

Communication aux membres de l'ASPI (Septembre 2003) :

2003_09_01_infos_aspi.pdf 2003_09_01_Infos ASPI.pdf  (107.15 Ko)

Réponse de l'ASPI à la consultation de la Commission sur le futur système des brevets en Europe :

2006_03_31_reppnse_de_l__aspi_a_la_consultation_sur_le_systeme_des_brevets_en_europe.pdf 2006_03_31_Réppnse de l'ASPI à la consultation sur le système des brevets en Europe.pdf  (1.57 Mo)

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